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Thank you for downloading MyKart ecommerce android template with Firebase. Please use this help file to be your guide. If you have any questions, please drop us an email to

Steps to Integrate firebase to your project

Follow the below steps to integrate firebase to your project. image

Under Step 6, paste this below code and click "publish".

{ "rules": { "users": { "$uid": { ".write": "auth !== null && auth.uid === $uid", ".read": "auth !== null && auth.provider === 'password'", "username": { ".validate": " !root.child('usernames').child(newData.val()).exists() || root.child('usernames').child(newData.val()).val() == $uid" }, ".indexOn": "username" // index tasks in their title property } }, ".read": true, ".write": true } }

Under Step 7, paste this below code and click "publish".

service { match /b/{bucket}/o { match /{allPaths=**} { allow read, write: if request.auth == null; } } }

Before importing json file

Once you are done with changing the rules then this is how the screen looks when you click the database section on left panel before importing the json file which we provided it to you under documentation section. image

How to import json file

Just like you did in the above step,click on the database option on the left , you will now see a overflow button on the right click that and choose import json, now browse the json file from where you want and import it. If you want to use your own data you can simple click the "+" beside Mykart and add data. image

After importing the json file

This is how the screen looks after importing the json file image

Storing images to data base

1. Upload images
Click on the upload button and add the image you want, once you are done that image will be shown below. image

2. Image URL
in order to use the image you just uploaded under storage section you need to get that images's url which can be done like this. image

How to update the images in database

The image url which you copied in previous step need to pasted as below wherever you need that image, for example i copied the sofa image and pasted it under sofa's of furniture category as below. Do this by uploading new images and using those images url wherever you want under database section of your app. image

Cart field display

This cart field is created through coding , like when ever the buyer purchases a particular item and add it to the cart then a field called cart is created in the firebase which you can see it in the code after purchase.

Additional Features

I've included few Screen shots with explanations of what actually every screen contains with a brief description. image


If you have any questions, please drop us an email to